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Lobo Del Mar

Family Owned & Operated

“Lobo Del Mar” is Spanish for “Sea Wolf”, and is the name of our family owned and operated activity & entertainment company. The “Sea Wolf” was one of our first live-aboard boats, taking us from the west coast of the United States up north to Alaska, where we lived and worked on the water. After many years of adventure in the last frontier, we left the boat behind - taking with us its’ name, and uncountable memories.  Eventually, we made our way down to Old Mexico, and then on to the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Now we've pulled-up anchor once again and have relocated to to the beautiful Puget Sound area of Washington State where many of us lived years ago.

Beginning with a jack-of-all-trades Texan and his wife, their eleven children formed the foundation of what has today grown into a family consisting of over 50 members – four generations of family that all work (and play) in some aspect of the family business. Besides operating a wide variety of land and ocean tours, Lobo Del Mar also handcrafts old world musical instruments and original hand-wrought jewelry, as well as entertaining many venues with our large music and dance troupe.

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 Lobo Del Mar is a family. One family, whose members form, among other endeavors, a Celtic band and dance troupe. Over the years this family has traveled the globe, experiencing dozens of cultures, and absorbing their influences along the way. What began as a Celtic band has become something indefinable, though when pressed we’ll say “world music and dance”. Audiences are given a taste of the family’s mixed heritage, as well as all the beautiful places this family has called home.


Our Book

"The Family That Went Down to The Sea"

You can read more about Lobo Del Mar in “The Family That Went Down to The Sea” - a collection of prose and poetry written by Carrol Buntin (known affectionately by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren as “Big Mom”). This book, littered with pictures from many memorable moments over the years, tells wonderful stories about raising eleven children on a boat, and their travels from Alaska to Mexico, Hawaii and beyond!